About Sugarcane Skateboards

Sugarcane Skateboards Store is a retail based operation located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland supplying quality local and international skateboard products to the skateboarding scene. At Sugarcane Skateboards, our approach is to support skateboarders through our team operation whether the riders wish to enter competitions, or just put out clips/pics/videos, or both.

Sugarcane Skateboards has been in operations since 2013 and we are here to help you in any way we can.  Sugarcane Skateboards is about creating space for the development of current and next generation of skateboarders with the ultimate goal of trying to support the Sunshine Coast skateboarding scene.

But Sugarcane Skateboards is more than just a business. We live for skateboarding, and the Sunshine Coast skateboarding scene is our backdrop for having a roll. We are not some ‘mall’ store taking your cash and then ‘off with you’. We re-invest back into skateboarding with our team who are ‘skate-nerds’ always wanting to put out clips, pics, and hitting different spots in creatively different ways. If you roll, then you are one of us!

At Sugarcane Skateboards we pride ourselves on only selling and supplying you with the best quality products locally and internationally sources. It’s why we have never had a single return! We love looking at the products as much as skateboarding itself. Why? Because graphics, shape, quality always define the type of skater you are or want to be. Sugarcane Skateboards also collaborates with local suppliers who genuinely support skate stores, and help foster our riders to enter into competitions – if they so wish.

At Sugarcane Skateboards, we respect the heritage of our skateboarding scene from skaters who have come before us, and also those who have helped shape the skateboard industry. This demonstrates our passion and love for skateboarding ensuring that skateboarding stays fresh and progressive. Our team is like an inclusive family and our riders are always down for a roll with anyone, no matter how good or bad you think you are. This is our way of reaching out to the wider skateboard community, creating communal spaces for the ‘vibe’. Skate shops, like Sugarcane Skateboards is always the first place on your quest for sponsorship.

Whether you need expert advice, have a roll with one of our riders, or just merely talk shit on who switched teams or who dropped a sick clip or pic, we are always down for it. So, for quality products we know that work, visit our online store, grab yourself some goodies, and help us support our riders and local skate scene.